Learning Fun with Art

Are you looking for ways to make learning fun with art for your kids? If so, you are in luck! There are a variety of art supplies at The Arts & More Store that can help children of all ages learn but have some fun at the same time. If your child gets bored easily, then keep reading to find out which art supplies are the best for kids and parents!

Art supplies that are safe and non-toxic.

Finding the best art supplies for kids can be a tricky task! Safety always comes first, so it’s essential to look for products that are non-toxic and approved by safety organizations. Kids like “little Johnny” who likes to eat the crayons, or lick the paste and explore textures.  Those kids need that kind of safety measure. Let kids explore with bold colors and textures, but you may need to use safe materials. There are young children that have skin sensitivities to specific paints. Remember to supervise children when they use their art supplies and teaching them the proper use.  Give them the safe space to create that next refrigerator picture!

Age appropriate art supplies.

We all want our kids to have the right materials they need, but do they know how to handle the supplies? Depending on the age of your children, different supplies may be necessary. The right tools and materials can open creative opportunities for them and provide valuable lessons.  Lessons in concentration, focus, and problem-solving. Most box stores don’t divide supplies into ‘age-appropriate’ categories. Still, when you compare manufacturers’ guidelines with your children’s ages, you will know exactly what they should – and shouldn’t – work with. At the end of the day, buying art supplies appropriate for their age can make all the difference!

learning fun with art as little boy displays his art work.

Learning fun with art to encourage creativity every day.

Let your child express their creativity by trusting them to choose their own colors and materials for their arts and crafts projects. It will help nurture their independence and allow them to tap into their imagination. When putting together a project, offer guidance only when necessary.  Try to leave them as much choice as possible.  The more options they have, the more creativity they can express. Creating art is an excellent learning opportunity for kids to experience what works best for the projects they want to make.  Learning fun with art helps prepare them for future decisions down the road.

Creative play can leave a mess.

kids art supplies and craft with Arts and More Store

Help your child clean up after themselves, so they can enjoy the creative process without making a mess. Cleaning up after a project can be annoying, but it doesn’t have to be! Encouraging your child to clean brushes, wash surfaces and store art supplies. It is an important part of their learning process that will help them stay organized in other areas. Help them understand the importance of tidiness. Assembling papers, paints, and glue can be a fun activity, but right afterward, it’s tempting to pack everything away in a hurry. Letting your child take time to organize and clean up helps make the next time your child wants to be artful easier to set up.  Everything in its right place removes the hunt for the paint brush or the ruined one that didn’t get washed out. Make cleaning up just as much fun as the project itself – a great attitude is contagious! Remember it’s learning fun with art not art as just fun.

Learning fun with art to teach math, science, history and more.

Art has the potential to make any learning experience more exciting and engaging. Using art to teach math, science, and other concepts can foster a greater understanding of the material.  While encouraging creative thinking and problem-solving skills. Best of all, with so many different supplies at our disposal, it’s easy to practice incorporating art into our lessons. From painting and collages to sculptures and printing techniques – the possibilities are endless! Get creative and turn your dull school facts into a stunning work of art that students will not forget.

Art to bond with your child.

Use art as a way to bond with your child – spend some time together creating something beautiful.  As a parent, spending quality time with your little one is important, and what better way to do it than by creating art together! Not only will it give you both something unique to talk about, but it will also provide some much-needed bonding time. Art supplies can be easy to come by and won’t break the bank, so take some time each week just for the two of you. Unleash your inner artist and try something new – the mess doesn’t even have to stay that long! Get those creative juices flowing, enjoy yourselves, and most importantly, have fun – you never know what kind of design your budding Picasso can make for you.